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Hypnosis Recordings for Sale


Too far from a professional hypnotist but need help? Let me make an individualized recording especially for you. Email me your issue with some background information and what you want to achieve, and I will make a recording especially for you. Below is a list of some of the issues I can record for you, of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact me for more details
Recordings are made for R 250.

Addictive personality; Alcohol Cessation; Alcohol Moderation; Binge Drinking; Caffeine Addiction; Cannabis (Dagga); Chocolate Addiction; Cocaine Addiction; Coming off Anti-Depressants; Compulsive Spending; Gambling; Heroin Addiction; Methadone Addiction; Nicotine Craving; Pipe Smoking; Pornography Addiction; Salt Addiction; Soft Drinks; Stop Shoplifting; Sugar Addiction; Tranquilizer Addiction; TV Addiction.

Anger Management; Forgiveness; Frustration; Road Rage; Stopping Swearing; Stop Self-Harming.

Anti Aging; Better Posture; Body Building; Body Dismorphic Disorder; Building Body Mass; Breast Enlargement/Reduction; Disfigurement; Facial Slimming; Facial Hair Removal; Hair Growth; Penis Enlargement.

Affluence; Attracting Abundance; Career Change Confidence; Creating Wealth; Dealing with Employees; Enjoy your Job; Executive Skills; Facing Bankruptcy; Financial Worries (Coping with); Natural Negotiation; Prosperity; Selling Skills; Sensible Spending; Stepping back from your Business; Successful Interviews; Time Management; Wide Awake Business Meetings.

Baby Bonding; Breastfeeding Adopted Baby; Caesarean Preparation; Child Birthing Cycle; Coping After an Abortion; Crying Baby; Drug-Free Childbirth; Failed IVF Treatment; Fear of Childbirth; Fertility; Healthy Eating During Pregnancy; Increased Sperm Count; Infertility; IVF; Miscarriages; Morning Sickness; Over Protective Mothers; Placenta Previa; Post Natal Depression; Pre-IVF; Premature Baby care; Smoke Free Pregnancy.

Accepting a Parent’s New Relationship; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Bedwetting; Bowel Movements for Very Young Children; Child IBS; Childhood Defiance; Childhood Infections; Child Obesity; Children’s Health; Concentration; Confidence; Coping with Divorce; Court Case Confidence; Disruptive Scholars; Encopresis (Soiling); Enjoy New Foods; Enuresis; Fear of Being Alone; Fear of Bowel Movements; Fear of Dentists; Fear of Needles; Fear of Swimming; Fear of Vomiting; Fitting in with your Peers; Honesty; Increased Appetite; Juvenile Diabetes Management; Nose Picking; Perfect Parenting; Problem Solving; Opposition Defiance Disorder; Safe Sleeping; School Phobia; Selective Mutism; Separation Anxiety; Sick Sibling Jealousy; Stuttering; Teenage Time Management; Thumb Sucking.

Blushing; Bullying; Confidence; Confidence for Dating; Confidence at Work; Confidence for New Dads; Ego Strengthening; Increased Self-Esteem; Making Decisions; Public Speaking; Self Belief; Self Consciousness; Social Confidence; Stuttering; Timidity; Voice Projection.

Driving Test; Driving Theory Nerves; Exam Nerves; Exam Success; Practical Exams; Stress Free Studying; Test Anxiety; Perfect Student.

Agoraphobia; Claustrophobia; Disposophobia; Fearless Flying; Fear of Air Turbulence; Fear of Anesthesia; Fear of Authority; Fear of Balloons; Fear of Bees or Wasps; Fear of Being Alone; Fear of Birds; Fear of Blood; Fear of Bodily Functions; Fear of Bodily Hair; Fear of Buttons; Fear of Cats; Fear of Choking (for Children); Fear of Commitment; Fear of Conflict; Fear of Contracting HIV; Fear of Criticism; Fear of Crowds; Fear of the Dark; Fear of Death; Fear of Dental Treatment; Fear of Doctors and Dentists; Fear of Dogs; Fear of Driving; Fear of Eating in Public; Fear of Escalators; Fear of Failure; Fear of Fainting; Fear of Falling over while Walking (Balance); Fear of Fear; Fear of Flying; Fear of Furry Animals; Fear of Germs; Fear of Going Places; Fear of Heights; Fear of Injections; Fear of Inserting Contact Lenses; Fear of Inserting Eye Drops; Fear of Internal Examinations; Fear of Intimacy; Fear of Lifts; Fear of Lizards; Fear of Long Flights; Fear of Loud Noises; Fear of Meeting People; Fear of Monsters; Fear of Moths; Fear of Highway Driving; Fear of MRI Scan; Fear of Needles; Fear of New Food; Fear of Old Age; Fear of Panic Attacks; Fear of Passenger Travel; Fear of Pregnancy; Fear of Public Toilets; Fear of Rats and Mice; Fear of Rejection; Fear of Shopping Centers; Fear of Sleep while Driving; Fear of Snakes; Fear of Spiders; Fear of Staying Awake All Night; Fear of Success; Fear of Talking on the Telephone; Fear of Technology; Fear of Thunderstorms/Lightening; Fear of Travel; Fear of the Unknown; Fear of Viruses; Fear of Vomiting; Fear of Warmth on Skin; Fear of Water; Fear of Wind; Homophobia; Social Phobia.

Abandoned Baby; Anniversary Syndrome; Bereavement; Healing Heartbreak; Loneliness; Loss of a Child; Saying Goodbye; Staying Strong.

ADHD; Altitude Sickness; Anorexia; Anticipatory Nausea; Appetite Increase; Asperger Syndrome; Bulimia; Bladder Control; Bruxism; Compulsive Lying; Depression; Dissociative Identity Disorder; Drink Driving Aversion; Dystonia; Enuresis; Excessive Burping; Insomnia; Kleptomania; Knuckle Cracking; Mind Clutter; Motion Sickness; Mouth/Cheek Biting; Nail Biting; Nervous Cough; Nervous Fainting; Nervous Swallowing; Nervous Twitch; Obsessive Behaviour; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Restless Leg Syndrome; Rhythmic Leg Disorder; Sea Sickness; Sleep Talking; Sleep Walking; Shy Bladder; Snoring (For the Listener); Snoring – Stopping; Swallowing Pills with Ease; Thumb Sucking; Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling); Vertigo.

Acid Stomach; Allergies; Alopecia; Alzheimer’s; Amenorrhea; Andropause (Male Menopause); Arthritis; Asthma; Ataxia; Auto Immune Conditions; Bell’s Palsy; Bipolar; Blood Pressure; Brain Tumor; Cancer; Candida Overgrowth; Cellac Disease; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Colitis; Colonoscopy; Constipation; Coping with Chemotherapy; Crohn’s Disease; Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome; Cystitis; Deep Vein Thrombosis; Depression/Anxiety; Diabetes; Diverticulitis; Edema; Emphysema; Endometriosis; Endoscopy; Enjoy Fruit & Vegetables; Enjoy Solid Food; Essential Tremor Disorder; Eyesight Improvement; Fibroids; Fibromyalgia; Food Intolerance; Gallstones; Gout; Halitosis; Hay Fever; Headaches and Migraines; Hepatitis; Herpes; HIV (Coping with) Hormone Imbalance; Hypersomnia; Hypochondria; Improve Immune System; increased Renal Function; Indigestion; Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS); Lower Cholesterol; Lupus; Medication Side effects; Menopausal Symptoms; Menorrhagia (Heavy Periods); Migraine; Motor Neuron Disease; Multiple Sclerosis; Muscular Dystrophy; Osteoporosis; Pancreatitis; Parkinson’s Disease; Pelvic Inflammatory Disease; Perimenopausal Arthralgia; Phantosmia and Parosmia; Polyneuropathy; Post Surgery; Post Nasal Drip; Pre Menstrual Syndrome; Prostate Cancer; Raynaud’s Disease; Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis; Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD); Sciatica; Scoliosis; Shingles; Sinusitis; Sjogren’s Syndrome; Sleep Apnea; Speedy Healing for Broken Bones; Stroke; Stomach Ulcers; Taste Disorder; Thyroid Balance; Tinnitus; Turning off Unwanted Genes; Urge Incontinence; Varicose Veins.

Finding Lost Objects; Losing a Pet; Separation Anxiety.

Accelerated Studying; Automatic Typing; Computer Confidence; Concentration; Dyscalculia (Understanding Basic Maths); Dyslexia; Foreign Language Study; Listening Skills; Memory and Concentration; Memory Improvement; Memory Recall; Mental Blocks; Photographic Memory; Presentations & Exams; Sleep Learning; Speed Reading; Super Learning; The Joy of Reading; Writer’s Block; Writing Skills.

Comfortable Dentures; Creating Numbness; Melt Away Pain; Menstrual Pain; Muscular Relaxation; Pain Control; Pain Management; Pain Relief; Phantom Limb Pain.

Accepting Yourself; Balance Your Life; Be a Better Impressionist; Best Man’s Speech; Better Ballroom Dancing; Better Handwriting; Camera/Media Shy; Great Guitar Playing; Inappropriate Laughter; Interrupted Sleep; Living in the Now; Peak Performance; Perfect Pianist; Perfectionism; Personal Pride; Procrastination; Song Writing; Stage Fright/Auditions; Successful Step Parenting; Tone Deafness; Unlock Your Artistic Ability; Velvet Voice; Wedding Day Nerves.

Accepting Change; Accepting Responsibility; Appreciation; Assertiveness; Become Tidy and Organized; Brain Power Development; Charisma; Creativity; Creative Painting; Curbing Control; Emotional Baggage; Emotional Calm; Happiness; Individualism (Be Yourself); Inner Adviser; Joy of Being; Life Changes; Luck and Intuition; Make Your Dreams Come True; Motivation; New Year – New You; Over-Sensitivity; Patience; Reinvent Yourself; Self Expectations; Sensory Direction; Speaking Slower; Stop Being Superstitious; Surviving Childhood Violence; Tuning Into Emotions; Unlocking your Visual Ability.

Accepting Alcoholism; Attracting Love; Co-dependency; Cyber-Cheating; Dealing with Divorce; Draw Love into Your Life; Emotional Security; Empty Nest Syndrome; Ending a Relationship; Ending an Abusive Relationship; Forgetting an Ex-Lover; Hypnosis for Lovers; Jealousy; Moving on in a Relationship; Overcome Marital Abuse; Perfect Partnership; Possessiveness; Rebuilding Trust; Stop Cheating in a Relationship; Stop Controlling Others; Unrequited Love.

Learn How to Hypnotize Yourself with the Finger Drop Method

Boost your Masculinity; Cross Dressing Confidence; Delayed/Retarded Ejaculation; Erectile Dysfunction; Feminization; Frigidity; Healing the Survivor of Child Abuse; Impotence; Increased Libido; Intimate Sex; Masturbation Addiction; Premature Ejaculation; Rape Recovery; Saying No to Sex; Sexual Addiction; Sexual Confusion; Sexual Fulfillment; Vaginismus; Vasectomy Procedure.

Acne; Cellulitis; Eczema; Excessive Sweating; Facial Cysts; Healthier Complexion; Hives; Itching; Psoriasis; Rosacea; Warts Elimination.

Better Basketball; Better Snooker; Better Rock Climbing; Bike Riding Confidence; Bike Racing Confidence; Boxing Boost; Championship Cricket; Championship Horse Dressage; Championship Darts; Cheerleading Confidence; Chess Master; Dartitis; Diving Anxiety; Endurance Training; Exercise for Fun; Excel at Sport; Football Confidence; Golf Improvement; Hockey Confidence; Hypnosis for Martial Arts; Improve your Sports Performance; Increased Lung Capacity; Perfect Poker; Play Better Rugby; Running/Jogging; Show Jumping Confidence; Sport Improvement; Squash Improvement; Swim with Hypnosis; Tennis Improvement; Ten Pin Bowling Confidence; Wrestling Excellence.

Anxiety Release; Driving Confidence; Eliminating Flashbacks; Emotional Calmness; Gagging; Guilt; Guilt Complex; Hyperventilation; Morbid Thoughts; Nightmares; Negative Memory Release; Negativity; Nursing Home Guilt; Panic Attacks; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Stop Self Harming; Stress & Stress Management; Work Worries; Worrying.

A full program consisting of videos and recordings for
R 450 (internet links) or R 600 (CD/DVD's.)

Complete program consisting of Skype sessions and 8 recordings for R 1500.

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