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A Day in the Life of a Consulting Hypnotist

So have you ever wondered what does a hypnotist do every day? Let me give you a glimpse into the therapy practise of a Consulting Hypnotist.

The day starts at around eight, when I arrive in my office. As I work from home, I do not have to battle traffic, just navigate past the dog trying to trip me up in the passage. Once in the office I start like most people, checking emails and Facebook updates, having a look at my calendar for the day and sending reminders to clients for their upcoming sessions.

I also look at my daily schedule and do the necessary preparation for the day’s clients, making sure there are enough CD’s for the smokers, pamphlets for new clients and workbooks for people struggling with weight issues.

I usually see clients every two hours, starting at 09h00. Hypnosis can be quite time intensive, therefore I like to schedule clients every two hours. It also gives me a few minutes breather between sessions. Sometimes sessions can be quite draining and one needs a few minutes to recover and get ready for the next client.

If they are repeat clients, I may schedule shorter sessions. You see, the first session is usually quite long, as we have to demystify hypnosis and teach the client how to enter hypnotic trance. And this session is also the time for the client to let it all out, define the problem and give some background information. I ask every client what outcomes they are seeking and how they will benefit from the work we will be doing.

Some days business is good and I am booked solid. Other days may be empty and I have lots of time to do marketing, research, catch up on reading, preparing for the more challenging cases. Most days is a combination of clients and free time.

I have found that hypnosis is a kind of seasonal thing. Some months are really good for business, other months are almost deathly quiet. April is probably the worst, followed by December. The best and busiest months seem to be February and May.

A client usually finds me on the internet and sends an email with a query for the presenting problem. I then send an email back with lots of information, as well as making a call to the person making the inquiry to find out if they are ready to make an appointment. These are confirmed via email and I ask a small deposit to secure the appointment.

One of the biggest problems I face is people making bookings for a session, only to not arrive. This can be very frustrating and it is a great waste of time, sitting and waiting or a client who doe not come. By paying a small deposit, the client is almost assured of arriving for the session.

Once a new client arrives for a session, I will have an in depth first session with them. Most people have some funny ideas about hypnosis, so we have to get rid of the misconceptions and fears before work can start. The client also needs to understand what it is they have to do and what the role of the hypnotist is, and this is covered in detail.
Between sessions there is time for a quick coffee, checking emails, going for a fresh breath and to clear the mind, maybe even time for some self-hypnosis.

Somebody asked me yesterday why I keep on saying that I am doing admin, what possible admin could a hypnotist do? Well, like any business, there are quite a number of things that have to be checked. Apart from the obvious keeping of client records, I spend considerable time every day following up old and new clients, making sure deposits have been paid and so on.

Marketing and advertising also takes up a good chunk of every day. Most client who come to hypnosis get to solve their problems in just a few sessions, and one must always find new clients. Apart from the internet, I rely a lot on word of mouth advertising, which means I have to ensure that my clients are happy with the service they received and that they achieve their desired results. Once people start speaking about hypnosis to their families, friends and work colleagues, referrals start happening. I therefore do everything I can to help my clients achieve their desired results, as I know this will bring more business in future.

Working with a client can be quite an adventure. I have learned never to guess what the cause of the problem might be, instead I allow the client’s subconscious mind to find the solution. I am just the guide, helping the client identify and use inner resources. Of course this is fun, sometimes it can be dramatic too, especially in the case of a person who has severe problems. I have found that the human mind is complex, everybody is different, and yet so far I have not found one person who has not benefited from hypnosis in some way.

I see a lot of people who want to stop smoking. Having stopped smoking myself ten years ago, I understand the fears people have. “What am I supposed to do now instead of smoking?” My smoking program is a little longer than a normal session, as I need to train the client how to replace the smoking habit with new, healthy habits. I offer free follow-up sessions, should the client need it.

As more people are becoming aware of the benefits of hypnosis, so more people are turning to hypnotists like myself to help them solve their problems. And I do it with pleasure, know that the vast majority of my clients will find the solutions they seek. Helping people is what I do best, and I invite you too to give hypnosis a chance. It might just provide the answer you were looking for.