Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ethical Hypnosis at Hypnosis Works!

I am fully bilingual and serve my clients in both English and Afrikaans.
As a full time professional Hypnotist, my mission is to create a deep sense of well-being in every human life, one client at a time. I believe in the work that I do and the ability of hypnosis to empower people to make the changes they desire in their lives. My primary purpose is to help each and every one of my clients reach their goals and I go out of my way to ensure that this happens to every one of my clients.
I follow a client-centered approach, as I believe each person is a unique individual with his or her own unique problems and solutions. I adapt my therapy plan for each client to suit their personality and their problem.
Hypnosis is a powerful tool, which I use to help my clients reach the outcomes they desire, and I continually hone and improve my skills to best serve my clients’ needs.
I respect the privacy of my clients and preserve the confidentiality of any information, whether written or verbal, acquired during the course of my work.
I approach my work in a sober frame of mind and always put my clients first.
I conduct myself in a professional manner and do not engage in personal, social or sexual relationships during the therapeutic process. I uphold the integrity of the profession at all times.
I have signed and abide by the Code of Ethics of the South African Institute of Hypnotism.
When booking an appointment, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking. The balance is payable in cash in advance when coming for the appointment.
There is a 48-hour cancellation policy. If cancellations are made without the required notice, the person making the booking will be responsible for full payment and costs of the appointment.
Strictly cash or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), regret no card facilities.
This is a non-medical service and medical aids do not cover the costs.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

How much does hypnosis sessions cost?

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First session = R 750
Thereafter per session = R 500
Smoking Cessation (One Session) = R 950
Weight Reduction (Three sessions)  = R 1750
Weight Reduction (Eight Sessions)  =R 4000
Alcohol Cessation (Eight Sessions)  = R 4000
Subject to an intake interview = R750.00
Drug Cessation (Eight Sessions) ) = R 4000
Subject to an intake interview = R750.00
Learn Self-Hypnosis (Two Sessions)  = R 1500
Student Hypnosis - better study methods, memory & learning (3 sessions) - R 1500

Prices are Subject to change without notice

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stress management with Hypnosis

Stress is the mind's natural response to events that cause us to feel threatened. When confronted by a threat the mind reacts automatically by going into a "fight-or-flight" response. This is a conditioned response.
The "fight or flight" response is the mind's way of protecting you from danger. When this response is working properly it keeps you alert and focused. In emergencies, stress is a life saver giving you enough speed, strength and agility to get yourself out of dangerous situations. A certain level of stress is productive, healthy and necessary.
It's when too much stress is exerted over extended periods that it becomes a problem and starts to work against us. Prolonged stress can lead to a weakened immune system which exposes us to a host of health problems. Prolonged stress can also lead to higher blood pressure which in turn can lead to heart attacks and strokes.
In hypnosis it's very easy to re-condition the mind to be calmer and less stressed.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Does Hypnosis Work?

This is the one question I hear the most, and the answer is an absolute "YES"! Hypnosis has been around for a very long time and if it didn't work, it would have become extinct a long time ago. Ancient Egyptian, Greek & Persian cultures all have documentation describing trance-inducing procedures used over 2,500 years ago.
Hypnotism was commonly practiced in England during the nineteenth century. It was not unusual to read in birth announcements, from the newspapers of the day, that a baby was born, "… painlessly, during mesmeric trance".
Dr James Esdaile
James Esdaile (1808 -1859), a Scottish surgeon working in Calcutta, India, performed over 300 operations, including stomach surgeries and amputations, using hypnosis as the only form of anaesthesia. Hypnosis is still around and is very healthy because it is so wonderfully easy, effective, and quick.
The definition of hypnosis is "the bypassing of the critical faculty and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking". What this very simply means is that Hypnosis bypasses that part of the mind that normally prevents new ideas from reaching the sub-conscious mind. As this part is bypassed, the new ideas make their way into the sub-conscious mind and they become the newly established sub-conscious thinking, but only if these ideas are acceptable to the individual being hypnotised. People in hypnosis won't do anything they don't want to do, and are always in control.
Once a new idea gets into the subconscious mind, the subconscious is so awesomely powerful, it immediately gets to work, making these new ideas into reality. The subconscious mind is awesomely powerful, and hypnosis is the most effective means of harnessing this power. Elite professional sportspeople use hypnosis to enhance their ability in their chosen sport. Law enforcement agencies use forensic hypnosis to help witnesses recall vital details of crimes, including license plate numbers. Medical professionals use hypnosis as the sole form of anaesthesia for a range of surgeries and dentistry work.
In 1892, the British Medical Association (BMA) commissioned a team to research the nature and effects of hypnosis. They reported:
"The Committee, having completed such investigation of hypnotism as time permitted, has to report itself satisfied of the genuineness of the hypnotic state."
They further added, "The Committee is of the opinion that, as a therapeutic agent, hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments (i.e., psycho-somatic complaints and anxiety disorders)." (British Medical Journal, 1892)
In 1955, the Psychological Medicine Group of the BMA commissioned a subcommittee, led by Prof. T. Ferguson Rodger, to deliver a second, and more comprehensive, report on hypnosis. The Subcommittee consulted several experts on hypnosis from various fields, including the eminent neurologist Prof. W. Russell Brain, and the psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion. After two years of study and research, its final report was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), under the title 'Medical use of Hypnotism'. It reported:
"The Subcommittee is satisfied after consideration of the available evidence, that hypnotism is of value and may be the treatment of choice in some cases of so-called psycho-somatic disorder and psychoneurosis. It may also be of value for revealing unrecognized motives and conflicts in such conditions. As a treatment, in the opinion of the Subcommittee, it has proved its ability to remove symptoms and to alter morbid habits of thought and behavior. In addition to the treatment of psychiatric disabilities, there is a place for hypnotism in the production of anesthesia or analgesia for surgical and dental operations, and in suitable subjects it is an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth without altering the normal course of labour."
In 1958, the American Medical Association similarly conducted a report on hypnotherapy and likewise approved hypnosis as a legitimate therapeutic tool in the treatment of certain illnesses.
I conduct hypnosis sessions from my Pretoria home office and you are welcome to come see for yourself if hypnosis does indeed work.

Weight reduction with Hypnosis - Losing weight permanently

Weight gain in a person is almost always an unconscious need for security or a need for protection. Until this unconscious need is resolved, no weight loss method will keep the weight off permanently.

The sub-conscious mind is millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind and so overriding the sub-conscious mind with the conscious mind (or pills or diets) is short term and leads to the dreaded "yo-yo dieting effect". As soon as the conscious mind is distracted, or as soon as the pills run out, or as soon as the unconscious need returns, so does the weight.

In order to help you achieve your goals, I suggest an eight-session approach. This program is based on Dr. Judith Pearson’s excellent weight reduction programme called The Weight, Hypnotherapy and You (WHY).

The WHY Program was designed for people just like you who sincerely want to reduce their weight and are willing to make lasting lifestyle changes to reach and maintain their preferred weight.

The eight sessions of the WHY Program were developed based on interviews and therapy sessions with numerous clients who struggled with weight reduction, interviewing people who had successfully reached their goal weight and consulting with nurses, nutritionists, motivational coaches, social workers, counselors, and psychologists. Ideas for the program also came from NLP books.

The programme comes with a complete workbook in which the assignments are intended to complement the work you do with your practitioner. Each assignment focuses on a specific cognitive skill, a mindset if you will, related to successful weight control. Each assignment will contribute to your success.

WHY Program Overview
In session 1, “Intake Interview and Introduction to the WHY Program,” you’ll have an interview and get an overview of the WHY Program. The accompanying assignment, “Get the Results You Want: Well- Formed Outcomes for Weight Control,” teaches you how to create well-formed outcomes that are specific and motivating.

In session 2, “Reframing Compulsive Eating,” you’ll complete a process to examine some of your unconscious motives behind overeating, and the assignment helps you examine the difference between “Trim-Slim Thinking versus Fat Thinking.”

In session 3, “Training in Self-Hypnosis,” you’ll learn self-hypnosis, and the assignment is a series of worksheets, or templates, that help you design your own self-hypnosis sessions in “Learning Self-Hypnosis: The Seven-Step Self- Hypnosis Process.”

Session 4, “Stopping Emotional Eating with Stress Management,” teaches you stress management tools to curb the eating for comfort that sometimes accompanies stress. The assignment, “Stress Management and Emotional Eating,” discusses ways to stress-proof your life, manage stress in healthy ways, and reverse the addiction to emotional eating. The accompanying bonus report, “Boost Your Brain to Curb Compulsive Eating!” gives you brain-health recommendations that may help you improve your eating patterns.

After Session 4 you have to reduce your weight by at least two kilograms in order to get the next session, and so on for the next four sessions.

Session 5, “Making Sensible Food Choices,” is a hypnotherapy session focusing on choosing healthful, nutritious, slenderizing foods. The hypnotherapy portion is audio recorded for you to use on your own at home. The assignment calls for you to designate healthful and not-so-healthful foods and complete “A Two-Week Food Diary,” so that you become more aware of your eating patterns.

Session 6, “Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food,” is another recorded hypnotherapy session encouraging you to eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full. The assignment teaches you a step-by-step process called “The NLP Slender Eating Strategy.”

Session 7, “Boosting Motivation to Exercise,” is a recorded hypnotherapy session that revs up your motivation to exercise. The accompanying bonus report, “The Benefits of Exercise,” tells you how exercise can help you and how to get started on a safe, healthy exercise program. The “Mind Management” assignment will help you prepare for session 8.

Session 8, “Pulling It All Together for Lasting Results,” is a recorded hypnotherapy session that encourages you to take your mindset into the future so that the changes you’ve made are lasting. The assignment is called “Keep Going: Make Changes Last, Make Motivation Last.”

After session 8, you may want to return for additional follow-up sessions with your Hypnotherapist, to work through any other issues that may be interfering with the success you seek. You might want to talk about relationships, limiting beliefs, self-esteem, work-related problems, time management, relationships, or perhaps family-related concerns—anything that will help you reduce stress, love yourself, and maintain your progress.

Part of your agreement to participate in the WHY Program is that you select a nutrition plan approved or recommended by a physician, nurse, or nutritionist. While you are in the WHY Program, be sure to stick with your nutrition plan diligently, weigh yourself regularly to keep track of your progress, follow any guidelines established by your physician, get adequate rest, and choose an exercise plan to implement by session 7. If you encounter any problems or difficulties, discuss them with me so that I can modify the program, where appropriate, to meet your needs.

The task you have undertaken is not easy. It is time-consuming and life-changing, and you are worth it. You have what it takes. Believe in yourself and see the results!

There are three different ways that you can choose from to pay for the program: Per session, per block or in full.

Per session:
R 750 deposit to confirm the appointment
R 500 during session 1
R 500 during session 2
R 500 during session 3
R 500 during session 4
R 500 during session 5
R 500 during session 6
R 500 during session 7
                                    TOTAL R 4250

Per block:
R 2000 to confirm the appointment
R 2000 during session 4
                                    TOTAL R 4000

In advance:
Save a full R 1250 on the per session payment by paying in advance.
                                    TOTAL R 3000

If you need any more sessions after the eight session program, they will be R 450 each.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hypnosis works very well

Most people think hypnosis is a kind of magic. After carrying a whole lifetime's worth of problems with them, they expect to come to one hypnosis session and solve all their woes.

This is unfortunately not practical or logical.

So the answer to the most aften asked question in hypnosis, "Is one session enough to solve all my problems?" is No.

Apart from the specialites, like Stop Smoking, I always start new clients with a Three-Session Startup Plan.

Most people have many misconceptions about Hypnosis and have unrealistic expectations about what to expect. Public exhibitions by stage Hypnotists and the portrayal of Hypnosis in the entertainment and media industries have contributed to wide misunderstandings of the true nature of Hypnosis. It is for this reason that I always use the very first session with a new client to explain in detail exactly what Hypnosis is, how it works and what to expect.

It was James Braid, the “Father of Modern Hypnotism”, who coined the term “hypnosis” after the Greek word hypnos for “sleep.”  Braid later tried to use the term “monoideism” to explain hypnosis as a state of concentrated focus on one (mono-) idea (-ideism), but the term “hypnosis” had stuck.

I also always use the first session to take the new client into Hypnosis so that they understand what it is and how to do it. It is so important to have a clear understanding that there is no such thing as a "hypnotized feeling".  It’s most likely you will enjoy a feeling of deep calmness and relaxation. Once you understand what it is, how it works and that there is nothing to be afraid of, then we can start the change work in sessions two, three and beyond.

Of course we spend some time during the first session discussing your problem, how you see it, where the issues come from, and how you will know that you are getting better. By getting a clear understanding of your problem and getting to know you, I can then start designing a therapy plan that is most suitable for you.
During session two it might be that we start looking for the root cause of the problem. This can be done in either one of two ways. I could use Parts Therapy to resolve inner conflict, or use Analytical or Regression 
Therapy to take you back in time to where the problem started.

As a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator I base my approach on the widely accepted theory that we are the sum of various parts, all of which serve certain functions in our lives. In other words, we wear different hats for different occasions. When these different personality parts are not in harmony or if they are fragmented, internal conflict exists within us.

Have you ever tried making a conscious decision to resolve a problem or overcome an undesired habit, only after a while to find yourself back at square one? Have you ever noticed that willpower, discipline and common sense only serve you up to some point before you backtrack to your old habits, sometimes even worse than before?

If so, then Parts Therapy might be the solution to your problems!

During this hypnotic technique I will guide you into a state of hypnosis and then invite communication with the various parts that prevent you from changing, as well as the part motivating you to improve your life. This self-empowering process resembles mediation, in that I will invite subconscious responses to help the parts resolve their differences. Should a strong underlying cause emerge, I will employ my knowledge in Analytical Therapy to work through the underlying issue.

Analytical (or Regression) Hypnosis looks at the root cause of the problem. In many instances there can be deep underlying "programs" that function outside of a person's conscious awareness. If your conscious mind is not yet aware (or not fully aware), of the "real cause" of your distress, you may struggle to overcome it permanently. It may thus be necessary to uncover those repressed memories and emotions, and to work through and resolve them, to effectively and most often permanently deal with them.

One of the biggest benefits of Analytical Hypnosis is that once the underlying cause is worked through, very often all of the associated symptoms are reduced or disappear completely. Examining and understanding the past can often provide you with the tools to move forward and improve your future.

Rest assured that I have gone through advanced training to encompass all aspects of Hypnosis and I am competent to facilitate age regression and other hypnotic techniques to assist you with self-discovery, where you can expose and identify these strong underlying "programs" during hypnosis. Once the deep underlying problem is uncovered, it becomes possible to re-evaluate them to affect changes for the better.

I therefore always insist on a fair opportunity to help all my clients get to the root of their problems through a three-session approach. Please note that it may sometimes be necessary to schedule more sessions for various reasons. It might be that the uncovering process may take time or perhaps the client needs to reinforce the learning through direct suggestion. Whatever happens during the three-session startup, rest assured that we will continually evaluate your progress together and agree on future strategies to help you to permanently overcome your problem.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Resolving Chronic Illness with Hypnosis

The only place an emotion can ever hurt you is when it's trapped inside of you. Everyone knows that bottled-up emotions are bad for you but few people understand just how bad it is or why it's so bad. Because there is a body mind connection, if a painful emotion has been eating away at a person's mind for long enough, it will eventually start showing up in the body, sometimes in the form of a chronic illness.
Treating the symptoms of a chronic illness will not remove the illness. The symptom is not the illness; the symptom is merely the sub-conscious mind's method of bringing the problem to the conscious minds attention in a similar fashion to feeling pain when we slam our fingers in the door. When the symptom is treated it may disappear for a while and then reappear, or may show up again as a different symptom. To remove the illness, the true and real cause needs to be identified and resolved.
Using hypnosis it's possible to identify the emotional cause of the illness, and then to resolve the cause and as such let the illness go.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hypnosis for Cancer

Cancer is an emotional illness.
Long before cancer takes hold in the body it's been eating away at the mind for some time as an emotion such as deep hurt, resentment, fear, grief or hatred. While medicine has made stunning advances in the last century, it's still not very good at resolving emotions.
Hypnosis is the perfect tool to work alongside modern medicine in order to resolve emotions. Once emotions are resolved, modern medicine often works even faster at healing the body and greatly increases the likelihood of a return to health.

Contact me today for an appointment.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Panic attacks/anxiety and hypnosis

These disturbing attacks are sudden surges of overwhelming fear that come without warning and without any obvious reason. These attacks are far more intense than the feeling of being 'stressed out' that most people are familiar with, although they work in a similar fashion. The attack starts when the sub-conscious mind perceives a threat. The conscious mind is oblivious to the threat and does not recognise it, but the powerful subconscious mind forgets nothing and its primary function is to protect! As soon as the sub-conscious mind perceives a threat, the poor victim moves into a "Fight or Flight" response without knowing the reason, which adds to the victim's distress.

These frightening attacks can also be accompanied by physical effects such as heart palpitations, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach aches, or headaches. Physically, the body prepares to deal with what it perceives as a threat. Blood pressure and heart rate are increased, sweating is increased, blood flow to muscle groups increases and immune and digestive system functions are inhibited in preparation to fend off the perceived threat.

Although to the victim it seems as though there is no reason for these attacks, this is not the case. It is simply that the conscious mind does not recognise the threat, only the sub-conscious mind. There is ALWAYS a reason for these attacks. Until you know what's causing the attacks, you don't know what to treat or how to treat it. Most other forms of treatment have no way of discovering the reason for these attacks, but hypnosis is a powerful tool for uncovering the reason that's locked away in the sub-conscious mind. Once discovered, hypnosis is a powerful tool for removing these unconscious fears and preventing further attacks.

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Stop smoking with Hypnosis


Freeing yourself from the habit of smoking is one of the most important things you could to for yourself. Imagine that you are free from smoking. You smell fresh and lovely, you have more energy, you feel better and your body is healthy. And what are you going to do with all the money you will be saving? Yes! You can do it! And it is actually so easy!

How does my program work?
The secret of my success is that we replace the bad habit with new habits that are good and healthy for you, but which give you the same benefits that smoking provided for you in the past. It takes anything from two weeks to a month to learn a new habit, and with this program we “reprogramme” your subconscious mind to replace the bad habit with good ones.

Most people try stopping smoking by deleting the habit, without putting something in its place. This usually doesn’t work, because if you have a hole in your life where smoking used to be, and don’t place anything in that hole that is good and healthy for you, then the smoking habit will eventually return to fill that void.

With my proven method I find that the vast majority of people that come and see me, successfully stop smoking after just one session. Now and then there is somebody who struggles a bit and I make sure that there are free follow-up sessions available for a period of three months to make sure you stay smoke free.

You will only need the one Hypnotherapy session to break the habit.
It is about 2 ½  hours in duration and includes the following:

Understand hypnosis

Understand your habit
Training in self-hypnosis

Break the habit

Main Hypnotherapy session

The session always includes a very detailed explanation on what hypnosis is, why it works so quickly, and why it is so very effective and powerful when performed correctly by a qualified and registered Hypnotherapist. There are many misconceptions surrounding Hypnosis, and I take time to carefully explain to my clients exactly what the process is.

Included is a strengthening CD that you could use any time you want to, should you require it. There are also free follow-up sessions available for three months should you require it, a kind of safety net just for in case you experience any difficulties.

To prepare yourself for the session and increase your chances of success, you are required to do the following:

Keep a diary of every cigarette that you smoke, stating when, where, what you are doing. Please bring this journal with you to the session, it is an important part of the process and therapy.
Stop smoking in your favourite place.
When you smoke, don’t do anything else, just smoke and concentrate on the cigarette you are smoking.

SINGLE PERSON: R 200 deposit to secure the appointment. R 750 cash before or during the session. Total = R 950
TWO PEOPLE: R 200 deposit to secure the appointment. R 1700 cash before or during the session. Total = R 1700 (R 850 per person)
THREE PEOPLE: R 200 deposit to secure the appointment. R 2050 cash before or during the session. Total = R 2250 (R 750 per person)
FOUR PEOPLE: R 200 deposit to secure the appointment. R 2400 cash before or during the session. Total = R 2600 (R 650 per person)
FIVE PEOPLE: R 200 deposit to secure the appointment. R 2550 cash before or during the session. Total = R 2750 (R 550 per person)


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